Who are ECERT Training?

ECERT Training are an eLearning provider specialising in the Health Sector. Developed from
an existing, successful, paper-based health and social care training system in August 2017 we
partnered with The Highersites Group to develop an online learning management system (LMS)
which would enable a speedier, more cost effective and dynamic proposition which in turn would
allow our customers a more flexible and superior route to training accreditation.

Combining the training skills and tech skills of the 2 companies has given us the expertise and
agility to now offer a unique opportunity for Franchisee’s to join our success story in a market
flooded with opportunity where investment opportunity is high. Add in to the mix our desire for
growth and expansion into other sectors we are serious about developing a one stop training LMS
where we will complement our healthcare expertise and open up significant opportunities for all of
our partners.