When EA Equi-Rug Wash Services was born, I advertised my services through a Facebook page and through my network of equine contacts after a small amount of time I took on a part time delivery driver, a rug washing operative and a seamstress to carry out the repairs to the rugs as that was one cost that definitely needed reducing as at that time I was sending all the repairs to an outside supplier. However, now that I have a great team working for me, I have a lot more time and freedom to dedicate to horses

At the age of 24 I own my own house, own and run my own Ltd Company, employ 3 staff members, manage 12 other staff in my part time role as well as breeding, breaking and schooling the youn gsters, competing nationally most weekends. EA Equi-Rug Wash Ltd allows me to promote my own brand within the equestrian industry, it is a great feeling knowing you have built a fantastic 5* reputable equestrian company, which financially supports you in whatever you desire! (For me its Show jumping & Breeding)

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