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Launched less than 1 month a go First sale! Approximately 40 prospects at the moment, of which 7 have been narrowed to the very interested stage.

Jeremy Stirling - The British Association of Anger Management, Franchise Manager

Mobi Tyres The Fastest growing Mobile Tyre Franchise in The UK within 6 months has achieved 6 franchisees plus 1 master Franchise within 4 months – “we owe a giant thank you to Rod & How2Franchise.
I am pleased to highly recommend How2Franchise, without them this would not have happened.

Brian Phillips - Director, Mobi-Tyre

We purchased the entire howto-franchisemybusiness.com package a few weeks ago. We had talked to franchise consultants but had decided that we would be spending too much time explaining our business to them, when we were perfectly capable of writing documents and designing our own marketing. We found the package to be incredibly useful and time-saving. Of course the templates needed adapting, but it”s much easier to write a manual when you have something to work with. It is of course a lot cheaper too! Keep up the good work!

Paula - Ulysses

We are very satisfied with our Franchise Agreement & Operations Manual.

Eddie Addico - MD , City People

I have found your team very helpfull , freindly and professional


Since contacting How to Franchise, i  found out from an early stage that the long, and expensive process demanded by some consultants to start franchising TRACKman has been eliminated. The fees to get the process started,and also recruitmet costs are manageable.The future franchisees costs are also very fair to them in their package.


I have found that contact with Rod is constant so that i am kept aware of  progress to date

John Steer - Trackman MD

Brilliant! You are legends! I think I want to buy my own franchise!

Alan Wright - Chairman, BioSecurity

How2franchise.co.uk offer a friendly and cost effective way to franchise your business. Consultation is constructive and in-depth and the documentation templates in the Do-It-Yourself pack are easy to follow and amend so that you can personalise them to meet your own specific need and company profile. I would recommend them to anyone thinking of going down this route so that their company can grow and develop nation-wide.

Anna Treby - Manager, Phoenix

As a charity short of time and money, How2franchise.com™ franchise DIY package stuck out as the obvious choice. We purchased it and – thank you How2franchise.com – you have helped us take a step closer to reaching our goal to help every child in the UK with life limiting/threatening conditions and disabilities – and their families – improve their lives; the service and support we have received has been commendable, whilst the package has proven itself to be a fully comprehensive and easy to use guide for producing a working franchise system.


Having just entered the Franchising world for the first time, I have to say, I was a little cautious, even nervous to say the least. Who do you ask? Where do you go? Who do you trust?

I’d downloaded different bits and pieces from the Internet and at one point even thought I could do it myself, without any help (well I am from Yorkshire).
If that’s what you’re thinking right now, my advice, just stop. Ring Rod.
The assurance that Rod and his team gave`me, not only put me at ease at whether the business could be franchised, but gave me the tools and the back up to do just that.
Everything is there for you, and with Rod’s help it enabled us (from a standing start) to Franchise I Do Magazine in under 2 months. I cannot imagine that anyone else would offer a better service than Rod and his team and thank him for all his help and continued support

Richard - Editor, I DO Magazine

Adam Myers from Gateway Homes purchased the How2Franchise system in January 2010. Within 3 months of launching their franchise 61 of their 62 franchise areas had been sold. This included their top areas being sold for £125,000. Adam would like to thank the How2Franchise team for their help and continued support. Rod from How2franchise comments that Adam Myers is the best franchise operations manager that I have ever encountered. Adam’s and Nick’s dedication and hard work have achieved this breath-taking performance.

Adam Myers - CEO, Gateway Homes