Ben Long, CEO of AvianTech Systems, has been a falconer since the early 1970s, and a professional in the sport for some 35 years. He is also founder of The Falconry School, which is dedicated to teaching the art of falconry. The Falconry School was constantly being asked to help with problem birds by various businesses, mostly because their employees or customers had made complaints.

Ben realised that his customers were being quoted large sums of money for bird control, but that the bird control companies approaching them were offering an inadequate service. Often, bird control companies will send a falconer with a hawk to allegedly “scare away” the problem species.

Given his many years of experience with birds of prey, Ben immediately realised that this approach could not work, particularly when the most commonly used hawk species in these situations is the Harris Hawk. Practical trials confirmed this. Whilst the Harris Hawk is hardy and user-friendly, it is quite a slow, low-level hunter, whereas the gull and pigeon are fast, high yers. Gulls are also aggressive, and a very small group would be sufficient to drive away or even injure a Harris Hawk.

It became clear that a better approach was needed, and The Falconry School set about trying new methods of bird deterrence, alongside the use of birds of prey. It was found that a whole arsenal of protocols needed to be employed, because:

  • Nuisance birds quickly become habituated to any one deterrent method
  • Not all methods can be used in every situation, e.g. in a city centre.

After many years of study and practise AvianTech Systems Ltd was formed to provide a range of deterrent solutions to give an effective service for the customer. Some of these techniques could be considered more traditional but some are totally new and innovative.....

It really is a unique and very exciting opportunity which we have to offer you.

AvianTech are now expanding and we have a variety of new franchise opportunities right now in several locations. If you want to join with us as we continue our expansion would like to hear from you.