The Kidnetics curriculum was created in 2010 with the view to target sports
and activity delivery to the Early Years Foundation Stage. We felt that there
was a plethora of activities, structured curriculums and lessons available for
children from the ages of 7 onwards but very little for any children younger.
The feedback we got from some schools and organisations was that it wasn’t
possible to deliver the activities we had created to children so young – we
made it our aim to prove them wrong!

We trailed the first session in the USA with our sister company and the
feedback was fantastic. We utilised the positive feedback and comments
received to launch the Kidnetics program in the UK.

By 2016 we had over 400 Kidnetics delivery hours per month which was
initiated by a strong sales team, office support and admin staff and a strong
team of deliverers headed up with a team leader involved in recruiting and
training the staff as they came on board.

Children’s franchises are on the rise! With a wide variety of needs in the market,
children’s franchises are filling all the niche markets with different opportunities
that caters to the needs of parents and kids all across the nation.
The children’s market is one of the most diverse, and has a lot of opportunity
for growth. For instance, educational and tutoring franchises are popular
among parents who want to help their child learn and excel in school. Children
also need to exercise and keep fit to combat the growing childhood obesity
statistics, be exposed to the arts, have smashingly fun birthday parties and
buy fashionable clothing. These are all viable options for children’s franchises.
Since the market is so huge with potential for children’s franchises, there are
many franchise opportunities for those with differing talents and skills.