Who are Carey's?


Carey’s is a highly successful mobile car valeting service established initially in 2004 by Tom Carey. He was then joined by his bother Matt. Carey’s offer a mobile service travelling throughout the midlands cleaning and valeting client’s vehicles. The business originally came about due to our love of cars and cleaning and we have only got to where we are now down to hard work, graft and a clear cut need to succeed. We are extremely proud of our business and what we have achieved and believe that our passion for what we do, and our brand will help anyone who has the same desire to own a successful business. We cherish every client we have as without them, we would not have a business. We clean every car, no matter what age, colour, make or model with the same respect, even if that respect is not given by its owner, it is given by us. Our clients range from retired people who use our services once a month to wealthy business individuals and companies that use us weekly.

Our business has been developed over the years through well placed branding, advertising, and customer care. We now use platforms such as google AdWords and social media (Facebook and Instagram) to build our brand.