Vape Hutz LTD was founded in June 2018. The CEO Wasim Bajwa has been in the industry for over 5 years and had two successful Vape stores running under Online Vapour Store.


Wasim was keen to expand but the high business rates and rents made finding key locations too expensive and not feasible. He then designed portable shops, which was an exciting and new opportunity and the start of Vape Huts began. Having a portable shop meant they were able to secure key locations with high footfall but low rents across the country. A BETA test model was launched in Wrexham which was opened in Jan 2019. The business also opened a large retail location with a distribution building at the same time. Currently the business has 4 locations and is turning over around 600k per year after just 6 months of trading.


Wasim has an outstanding retail background. He was the top UK seller for Carphone Warehouse Talk Talk service and was tasked with training managers throughout their business on how sell effectively with high levels of customer service. Wasim has numerous awards for Top Manager in the UK and Opening Flagship locations with outstanding results.


Wasim is a firm believer in providing outstanding service and is looking for franchisees with the same drive, who would like to join this expanding industry at time when Vaping and CBD is growing so quickly. This is a fantastic opportunity to join the Vape Huts brand, which will have Vape stores across numerous key locations in the UK - Providing the very best quality Vape and CBD products and affordable prices. Giving VIP service, creating LOYAL customers.


This business was set up for retailers requiring key locations with low rents. Wasim developed Vape Huts as a cost solution, utilising dead space in areas of busy footfall. Developing purpose built, self contained movable shops - allowing vaping stores to expand into locations only previously held by the major retailers .