Stress affects us at a deep bio chemical level and can bathe every single neurotransmitter we have in our corporeal form with its insidious effects. Stress depletes our immune system’s ability to cope with disease and can affect our cardiovascular makeup leading to hypertension, cardiovascular accidents (strokes), diabetes, and
other cardiac related illnesses. Stress indeed is a silent killer, because we are expected to cope and not give in to life’s stresses. In life’s rat race we cannot be seen to be a weak rat. What science fails to explain; we often call a ‘Miracle’

The lead trainer Karl Smith served in the Bristish Army for 12 years and then served as a Firearms Officer and Firearms Instructor in the UK Police for just over 11 Years.

In 2006, Karl was sat at home with his family when a chain of events that would change his life forever. A drunk driver had lost control of a car outside his house, he attempted to stop the driver who had caused damage to property and vehicles. The driver reversed over Karl rotating him under the vehicle several times and then hit Karl a second time when the driver fled the scene.

Karl was left with many physical injuries, but it wasn’t until they were resolved that the Mental Health issues started. The pain killers had masked the start of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Karl embarked on a journey to find a solution, CBT and Counselling failed but one day Karl used the services of a Professional Hypnotherapist. The results were spontaneous and powerful, the use of content free hypnosis had released him from the PTSD, in a short space of time.

Karl realised that his life was not in uniform but working in Mental Health specialising in Post Trauma and Hypnosis Applications.

Karl has now taught in 18 countries and is seen as a Specialist in Post Trauma and working with Military and Emergency services globally.

The UK Hypnosis Academy is now a global brand with a team of 16 trainers delivering a unique and dynamic Hypnosis product to people interested in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. We offer fast, effective and non intrusive ideas and techniques with science to support individuals, organisations or corporations. Our Mental Health and Well being package will help teach Individuals and their Organisations a programme that will change theirs and
many others lives.