As I’m sure you ’re aware we’re a window cleaning company who offer both domestic and commercial services.

We use the most modern and up to date window cleaning equipment utilising water fed poles and pure water cleaning technology for a streak-free finish.

This is proven to be the most effective way of cleaning windows and ensures the highest standards of service for our customers and all frames, sills, and doors are cleaned every time. We don’t just clean the pane we also clean the frame!



Tidal Cleaning Services started out as RH Window Cleaning in October 2017. The main objective of his was to supplement Ralfs income from his engineering apprenticeship.

The round built up so quickly he had to sell his car to fund a van and employ 2 of his friends throughout the week.

Several months later he left his apprenticeship to pursue this full time as was making more money on the window cleaning round than the engineering apprenticeship.

Over the next 18 months built the round up to a small fleet of 3 vans and then decided to franchise.

This is where we’re at now we’ve tried and tested everything and now have a solid system of building rounds and and all other processes in the business we have really utilised technology.