Who are People and Dogs?

People and Dogs is the brand and is trademarked protected. Established in 1994 by Victoria Cooper and has trained around 10.000 dogs in almost 30 years. All training methods follow a strict code of animal welfare and are force and fear free.

Courses and services
The People and Dogs (P&D) model consists of providing group and 1-1 dog training and behaviour services. The life Skills group courses for Puppies and Juniors are run over a 6-week period, for 55 minutes per class, starting with an induction theory lesson delivered by Zoom and 5 consecutive practical lessons.

We have different levels of courses including:

Life Skills Puppy – for puppies from 11-20 weeks old

Life Skills Junior – for puppies and dogs from 5 to 24 months

Life Skills Intermediates

For all dogs that have graduated from LSP or LSJ

Life Skills Graduates club

For owners who want to keep learning and progressing (The LSI and LSG courses are run over 5 weeks - no induction) Each course has its own lessons plans and corresponding homework sheets. Each student receives a training manual upon booking the course, which contains relevant information to their course and their dog’s behaviour. Students are also supported by their instructor in private Facebook groups relevant to their course name. In addition, we run ‘subject’ workshops such as loose Lead Walking, Recall, games etc.

We take 6-8 dogs per group depending on the venue size and assistant availability. For safety and customer services reasons, a single trainer should not take more than 6 dogs in beginner classes but can take up to 8 in more advanced courses.

We have access to 4 venues which are community halls and a private field.

Booking systems
The backbone of the business is the OSV – the One Source Vertebrae – provided and managed by One source Business Support. This is a bespoke CRM system, and includes a booking system, online payments, and software management tool. Students book via the website and all processes from there forward are automated, from confirmation emails to weekly homework and class updates which significantly reduces admin time.

1-2-1 Services
We also offer 1-1 training and behaviour services if the dog is not able to attend group training. Victoria has 4 freelance trainers who work for her, and who deliver the group and 1-1 services, and she provides all the behavioural services.

We train approximately 120 dogs a week in our group courses. We also offer a ‘We Train for You’ service for people with mobility issues or time constraints, where the dog is collected by the trainer, taken out and trained for a defined period, and the owner is then coached to achieve the same.

Online training
We have access to the Good Dog course, an online dog training course on license from the School of Canine Science (SOCS) which we sell directly to students via the website, and receive a generous % of the fee, and which can be purchased in addition as a bonus to those attending group courses. We also offer v wZoom Puppy Parenting courses and webinars on various subjects.

People and Dogs are now expanding, and we have a variety of new franchise opportunities right now in several locations. If you want to join with us as we continue our expansion across the UK, we would like to hear from you.