Who are Squeaky Clean Mobile Valeting?

Squeaky Clean Mobile Valeting was started in late 2016 by a friend of mine that I went to school with. He brought a trailer and a pressure washer, vacuum and a lot of stock and travelled around the area valeting cars. I was working as a welder at this time and was pretty fed up with my job! I messaged him to ask if he wanted someone to go in with him as a partner. He tried selling me a story of how busy he was and how much money he was making but in reality it wasn’t working. A few months later he messaged me back and had decided that after a year of doing it full time that it wasn’t for him and he wanted to sell up. The truth of it was it wasn’t working, and the reason it wasn’t working is because his business model was all wrong. He was focusing on the small cheaper valets and trying to do as many as he could in a day but in lots of different locations which costs more and earns less. I decided to buy the business as I knew I could make it work. By making some small changes like the logo and using a van rather than a car and trailer and approaching a few business’s for work I gave it a go and went full time. It didn’t happen overnight but with a lot of hard work and persistent advertising and satisfied customers and countless number of mistakes I finally got a full months work booked ahead of me all the time and have done for the last two years. I now also have a full time employee Jack, who is brilliant! He is hard working and methodical which are two of the biggest attributes needed to succeed in my business. Owner, Dean Richards.

Squeaky Clean Mobile Valeting are now expanding and we have a variety of new franchise opportunities right now in several locations. If you want to join with us as we continue our expansion across the UK, we would like to hear from you.