T’s Fried Scoop was founded by Natasha Rajput in December 2019.

T’s Fried Scoop was set up because the founder saw a problem in many dessert chains. The problem was the desserts were too sickly, as they had overbearing toppings, too much choice, lacked quality and ethical values and were overpriced. She loved the hot and cold combination for desserts and thought about creating that style of dessert as one.

That is how T’s Fried Scoop was born!

The instant it hit the streets (literally!) Natasha knew T’s Fried Scoop would be a roaring success. The fact you could fry something so cold in something so hot, created an intriguing atmosphere and essentially a curious environment for people to try the “unknown unbelievable”. The reactions of many customers is what lead us to being noticed by Selfridges within 8 days of launching and trading and we were invited by Selfridges to be a part of their Christmas Market debut in 2020. With the brand and products spreading like wildfire, Rasiah Vincent (business partner) invested to take the company to further growth. Since then, in 2021, we took our fully branded food trailer to London’s best food festivals such as Taste of London and had non-stop queues!

Furthermore, we attracted multiple businesses and customers who wanted to hire us for their events. Each customer wanted to know if we had a shop! We thought to ourselves, why have one, when we can franchise our incredible tasting desserts, that are super affordable and aesthetically pleasing and become a super brand together!

We are the first and unique dessert brand! There is ZERO competition out there. There is extremely limited competition when it comes to our desserts, flavours and branding. A T’s Fried Scoop Franchise consists of commitment, amazing service, quality products and innovation. Our Franchise represents an exceptional introduction into an exciting and growing dessert market. We offer a streamlined operations system, whereby we promise product availability and delivery throughout the year.

T’s Fried Scoop are now expanding and we have a variety of new franchise opportunities right now in several locations. If you want to join with us as we continue our expansion across the UK and beyond, we would like to hear from you.