Who are The Wired Lobby?

The Wired Lobby set up and facilitate the very highest standard, fully immersive gaming environments with a welcoming, open and inclusive atmosphere for everyone to enjoy together!

Our venues are all created with all our customers in mind, whether they are a seasoned gamer or sim racing specialist or are just wanting to get involved at whatever age for the first time.

We believe every community deserves to have access to high end, outstanding and highly memorable esports and sim racing and experiences and that the venues must bring great benefit to the local community and economy.
Many town centres are ripe for and deserve rejuvenation and development to breathe new life into them creating consistently high quality entertainment spaces that can be enjoyed by and be of benefit to the whole community and for the whole diversity of gamers to be able to immerse themselves in and develop their hobby or career and socialise in safe inspiring and creative environments.

Despite the exponential growth of the esports industry we feel strongly that most of the UK esports environments are not of the right quality and diversity to attract and fulfil the needs of those interested in gaming on all levels including bringing players together in the same space with games developers, pro esports players and racing sim professionals for the benefit of great esports and racing sim experiences, creativity and development.

In substantially raising the bar with a clear and simple turn key franchise template so that more and more locations and enthusiasts can benefit and grow through the esports economy ‘powered by The Wired Lobby™

That racing doesn’t have to be a sport for the small elite normally akin to the sport and in providing the highest quality racing sim experiences in professional environments for pro drivers to be coached and improve their skills for the track and we are making racing driving accessible for young or untried drivers to test their skills at a more affordable level.

The Wired Lobby are now expanding and we have a variety of new franchise opportunities right now in several locations. If you want to join with us as we continue our expansion across the UK, we would like to hear from you.