Truly a family run business the idea came about in 2014when Lesa & Adrian were organising their Wedding. Wanting to have aNight Clubexperience instead of a traditional discofor their Wedding Lesalooked at what was available in theevent market but found nothing on the market that fitted the bill.

With a career in marketing and organising events Lesa discovered that inflatables could be used for this purpose and contactedmanufacturers in China. These were onlyfor large scale events so the idea was on hold then in 2016 helping a friend organisea party, found a 30ft inflatable cube that showedthe cubes could work but were still too big.

The idea started to become a reality in 2018 when a family member owning a traditional bouncy castle business became involved. Lesagave them the idea togrow their business and through the manufacturer created smaller Cubes that could fit in yourback garden not just large events. .

The cubes took off in 2019 as a new experience as a Club complete with lights, lasers, speakers and smoke machines sopeople can properly Party in their Garden!

Demand for these nightclub rave cubes has been unprecedented. They have been featured in the media in places as far away as Australia.

In 2020Adrian Le Monnier, an entrepreneur and lawyer,set up a company with the intention of havingnationwide franchises, so that the UK could have the opportunity to book the cubes in their own towns.

UK Rave Inflatables Limited was born and in spite of the pandemicthe franchise concept has grown with 6 Franchisees on board in less than 5 months with bookings being taken even whilst in lockdown.

The Cubes are covered on all social media channels with followersfor each individual location of nearly 2k in a matter of months and the website incorporates highly effective management, booking and payment systems, as well as sophisticated marketing and SEO tools, the franchises are the perfect small to medium businesses that offer excellent returns on a franchisee investment.

SinceJanuary 2021 we have been growing the brand, enabling it to be a powerful sales tool which should stand for quality and consistency when our unique product is hired. We have been tweaking the lighting, procuring the most effective portable sound systems, and creating our own fog fluid for the smoke/ fog machines.

We are now on our third generation of cubes with improvements including a reduction of weight, stronger seams and larger sizes. We shall be setting up a forum for franchisees, as well as a help desk and we have had further management tools added and upgrades to our website, to make sure our Franchisees experience is as amazing as our customers.