Welcome to the Ashley Court Care Franchise


Operating a care home is no easy feat, it has taken us many years of running several different care homes to create the perfect combination of strategies to create a successful and profitable business. Lucky for you, as part of our group, you will be fast tracked to this stage, as we will share all our knowledge with you.


As a group, we have owned and operated care homes for over 33 years. Care has been in our family for two generations. Throughout these years we have witnessed and adapted to many changes in rules and regulations to remain successful in what we do.


Although our experience is over 33 years old, the Ashley Court brand was established in 2016. Ashley Court is owned and operated by Phillip and Lakshmy Pengelly. Ashley is the name of Phillip’s grandfather who served in world war 2. Phillip had a strong attachment to his grandparents and hence in honour of this bond, our care home was named after him.


As well as running a care home, Phillip is also a bit of an inventor and in 2014 he designed an over chair table for the care industry. As a result of this we were on BBC’S Dragons Den in 2020 and won an investment with Sara Davies. If you fancy checking it out, it’s series 17 episode 14.


Our experience is built around starting care homes from scratch. All the care homes we have operated have either been new or struggling care homes that have had several issues which need to be resolved. Our saying “calm seas don’t make good sailors.’ Meaning all our experience has been tough and we have had to change care homes that have had several non-compliances with the inspectors, several safeguarding concerns, but we have managed to change them to profitable, fully compliant, successful homes. This painstaking experience means that we are fully equipped to support you, even in very difficult situations. A sailor that has faced no storms, will be ill equipped when a storm arrives.


When we originally took over Ashley Court in 2016, it was making a loss. Within 3 years we had not just turned over a profit, but tripled it over the three-year operation. It is a franchise that it is a robust business, in that through covid, although it was a difficult time and staffing wise was hard to manage, financially, the industry was well supported by the government and there was no effect on finances. Same as through the credit crunch, care homes were financially unaffected.


Ashley Court Care are now expanding and we have a variety of new franchise opportunities right now in several locations. If you want to join with us as we continue our expansion across the UK, we would like to hear from you.