Who are Alphagenix Limited?

Alphagenix provides hormone testing and premium, medically supervised testosterone replacement therapy for men with low testosterone levels (the andropause). It was founded in late 2021 by Ross Tomkins and Ben Paglia.


The company was built from Ross’ own struggles with low testosterone levels and being diagnosed in the private health scene. It all started in Ross’ early 30s; the early 2010’s. He first knew something wasn’t quite right when he began to experience joint pain. This is the first symptom that took him to the doctors.


After aching joints, the symptoms became low energy and apathy, a general lack of desire for life. Ultimately, Ross was suffering badly with brain fog – this was his worst symptom. Sometimes this meant the inability to form words, this led Ross and his wife, Joanne, to seek further action.

Joanne would often notice before Ross that something wasn’t right. She noticed that he would retreat a little bit into his shell and become quite distant in the relationship. He would answer questions quite succinctly; that would then often become a conversation where she thought something was wrong with her, and he'd explain that actually, it was him.


As a physiotherapist, Ross knew that what he was experiencing wasn’t something musculoskeletal, leading to blood tests and a referral to endocrinology. He saw 3 endocrinologists who tried him on various medications, but ultimately, they decided that everything was normal. One of them actually told him that his symptoms were all in his head. Left feeling frustrated, he knew this wasn’t the case.

Ross then met Dr. Bernard Willis, talking for an hour about how he felt like an old-fashioned toy robot, the ones where you needed to wind up. He had no energy. Dr. Willis knew straight away – Ross had low testosterone. This wasn’t recognised before as the NHS treats it differently to private sectors.

After beginning his own journey on TRT privately, and a vast change in lifestyle and nutrition, all of his symptoms started to melt away. He went from feeling much older than he was, to the best he had felt in years. 


This then brings us to early 2021, where Ross Tomkins and Ben Paglia joined forces. With Ross’ experience of the andropause over the previous decade and Ben’s experience in running a private GP business (Akea Life), Alphagenix was born.


From Ross’ initial encounters with the NHS who looking back clearly weren't equipped to help and then later working with several private companies, Alphagenix was constructed by taking all of the best bits of private TRT services; meshing them together to create a unique experience that not only treats the client holistically, but offers frequent follow up appointments and blood tests with our medical team. This is all conveniently wrapped up with online consultations, home deliveries and a monthly subscription service. This was all overseen by Dr. Bernard Willis who 1st diagnosed Ross, and later came on board as Alphagenix chief medical officer.


Each day we are growing and continuing to help more men across the UK through education, diagnosis, intervention, support, and continual monitoring.


Alphagenix Limited are now expanding and we have a variety of new franchise opportunities right now in several locations. If you want to join with us as we continue our expansion across the UK, we would like to hear from you.