Who are Get Yards Partnership Ltd?

Get Yards provide ready to move into commercial storage yards, which you can book and legally sign in less than 60s via a mobile friendly website. This is revolutionary and has never been done before and it’s well known that our founder Sam is obsessed with the customer journey and in making it a seamless experience.

After visiting almost 100 self-storage sites, Sam was overwhelmed with the over complicated and over staffed systems, to ultimately show empty spaces. Sam knew he could add load of value.

The original plan was to provide container storage under the previous company, Get Boxxd. The journey for Sam started out by finding a suitable piece of storage land. Once he found a yard, the legal process started, which took around £15,000 and 4 months. Sadly, just as the process was nearly completed the landlord pulled out so the process had to be restarted. The process was repeated and again the same result and another £15,000 wasted!
Finally, the green light was given on an acre plot on an industrial estate. It was perfect.  Because of the 10-month struggle to get this piece of land, there was something not right about then taking out a huge loan to fill this full of containers. The demand for land itself was too much!
Sam went to his whiteboard in the office, drew a large square which reflected the yard, drew a line down the middle of the yard, and thought he would put 2 adverts out online, one for containers, and one for yard space. Within a few hours later there were 16 enquiries for yard space and 0 for containers, and this is when Get Yards
was born!
The next mission was to change the legal process of how a customer obtains land, so a bespoke license agreement was drawn up which legally binds a customer into the land for a minimum of 24 months. A customer can now reserve, pay and move into a Get Yards yard in under 60 seconds with a legally binding contact.