Who is the Global Academy of Coaching?

In the Global Academy of Coaching Leadership Certification, we train high achievers to become the best coaches in the world.

Students from across the globe develop their self-confidence, clarity, influence, and become exceptional life coaches, taught by the top 4% coaches & professors in the world.

 At the Global Academy of Coaching, our goal is  to train over a million coaches and support people to thrive in every aspect of their lives. We do not offer our students just a coaching certificate; we have created a community of leaders with a very strong alumni network.

 Through the Global Academy of Coaching Certification you discover yourself, your strengths, your needs and wants and at the same time we develop you as a Life Coach with a global reach. Many of our students have  built their coaching business and made money before they  graduate. Will you be the next one?

Our aim is to support you to become a leader and a coach at the same time. You complete eight months of core competency study and then select your specialisation of either Relationship Coaching or Executive Coaching & Mentoring. During your first month of studies at the Global Academy of Coaching Leadership Certification you start coaching and being coached. Therefore, you experience the benefits of coaching first hand and also practice coaching. You start building your business from the very first months and get trained on sales and marketing on how to create a profitable business. You can check your classes from your desktop or from your phone as we have an easy to use application. So you start making a difference in the world within 30 days!