Who is Jungle VIP: Our Story...

Established in 2014, shortly after the birth of our second child, we discovered our new business venture. At the time, nurseries were the new ‘trending’ business that people were investing in, but neither of us were qualified, but knew that working with children was something we did want to look into and create that work life balance we were desperately seeking with 2 young children of our own.... SO, it got our minds thinking and brains ticking into exploring the world of soft play.... we knew we didn’t want anything huge but to create a family hub that was a more intimate and personal environment for our customers.... Our research led us to the discovery of our current location in Hounslow.. We spotted the unit one fine Saturday afternoon, visited the site by Monday morning and to cut a long story short - we walked out of the place knowing our new business adventure was about to begin!...

By March 2014, we registered our new company name and slowly but surely everything else started falling into place.... Our new playframe was designed with the guidance of the children in our family - after all, who better to tell us what should be in a playframe but children, right?!

By August 2014, we got the keys to the site and prepared for our official opening in September.

We now employ a team of 12 to 14 staff, which include Supervisor, chefs, customer service representatives and party hosts. Our company ethos and vision has always been to create a home away from home environment, where good old fashioned customer service is key. Over the years we have familiarised ourselves with regular customers, watched children grow and offer a welcoming comfortable atmosphere.
Over the years we have nominated and achieved many awards, including: Husband & Wife Business Partnerships 2024, Accolade of Achievement 2023, Award of Excellence for Finest Indoor Play Centre 2023, Best of Excellence 2021 and Employer of the Year 2017.

After a decade of running our playcentre and gaining all sorts of experience including surviving Covid(!), our vision is to now grow our family brand and share our knowledge across the UK.

If you wish to create a community haven, seek a work-life balance - with a fruitful income, and share the passion of running your own business, we would love to hear from you!

Make your small dream become your big reality with Jungle VIP!

Best Wishes
Mani & Eve Khan