Franchises Added 26,000 Jobs in September 2016: Here’s The Breakdown

14th Nov 2016

The U.S. added 26,000 franchise jobs in September, new data reveals.

According to the ADP National Franchise Report for September 2016, restaurants (up 18,800 jobs) and auto parts and dealers (up 3,500 jobs) saw the most impressive growth.

September 2016 ADP National Franchise Report

Job Growth in Different Industries

Notably, all other selected industries including food retailers (up 200 jobs), business services (up 500 jobs) and real estate (up 300 jobs) also reported job growth.

The only industry that failed to measure up is accommodations. The segment saw a decrease of 500 jobs in the same period.

“Job gains in September eased a bit when compared to the past 12-month average,” said Ahu Yildirmaz, vice president and head of the ADP Research Institute in a press release. “We also observed softening this month in trade/transportation/utilities, possibly due to a continued tightening U.S. labor market and lackluster consumer spending.”

Growing Consumer Confidence Augurs Well for Businesses

Interestingly, consumer confidence rose in September to its highest level in nine years, indicating American consumers are finally emerging from the recession’s long shadow.

“Consumer sentiment is perfectly solid,” Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen said (PDF) in a press conference this summer. “We’re seeing a lot of strength in consumer spending, and consumer sentiment certainly seems to be solid,” she added.

Consumers spending offers more great news for franchises and small businesses. But to keep up with increasing demand, it is essential for businesses to provide great service and sharpen their marketing efforts.

Tip for Your Business

A successful franchise is run by the right people. It’s therefore important to spend enough time and resources to find and retain the right talent. A simple tip is to invest in employee training to ensure your staff has adequate skills to serve customers.

About the Report

The ADP National Franchise Report is a monthly snapshot of the current U.S. nonfarm private franchise employment situation based on actual transactional payroll data.

The report measures nearly 24 million U.S. workers and is produced by ADP (NASDAQ:ADP), a human resources management software and services provider.